ABOUT  Jenna

I was handed my first camera when I was 17. It was a second hand Canon, film camera. I took it everywhere! 

Growing up on the farm there weren't many people to photograph so my first talent and passion became Livestock and Landscape photography.


Many years later I was granted the opportunity to attend a part time class through a company called Film Rescue. Here I was introduced to camera, editing and photography basics which gave me a great foundation to begin my own photography business. A door opened for me and I never looked back.

Alongside my photography I am a wife, mom and purebred  cattle producer. We also host a number of dogs, cats, horses, chickens and bunnies to ad to the mix of farm chores and entertainment!

Our family is fortunate to be part of the amazing agriculture community going on 5 generations. 

I love to capture a moment of a family together, tell a story of a historic place, or get that 'great' photo of a bull for a sale catalog. 

I enjoy the people and places my camera takes me and I look forward to every new story I get to tell through my lens!


Please feel free to contact me anytime about availability, pricing and options available. I'd love to chat!

Sincerely;  Jenna