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ABOUT  Jenna

Welcome to Jenna Loveridge Photography!


First and foremost I am a wife, mom and purebred cattle producer. When I'm not behind my lens you can usually find me outside choring with my family. We are so fortunate to be able to raise our family on the farm. Both of our kids are very much a part of the day to day here and it is absolutely amazing to see them brought up to be grounded and down to earth.


A bit about myself, I love 90's country, cooking, calving season and basically any and ALL chocolate!! To me there is nothing better than frosty mornings in the calving barn, the smell of an old Quonset and watching the kids play with their favourite calf.

I was handed my first camera when I was 17. It was a second hand 35mm Canon film camera. I took it everywhere and shot my first paid job with that camera, in what seems like a lifetime ago.

Years later I was granted the opportunity to attend a part time class through a company called Film Rescue. Here I was introduced to camera & editing basics, which gave me a great foundation to begin my own photography business. A door opened for me and I never looked back.

What began as picturing our own cattle, turned into picturing our neighbors cattle. That list has continually grown and I now photograph hundreds of head each year.

 I have also added lifestyle and wedding photography to my resume, and most recently have started offering one on one training, helping others to follow their own photography path. 

I have created my business, and my team, around quality, integrity and work ethic that is second to none. When we show up for a day of photos you can expect never ending patience and the highest of standards every time, with a team that is easy going and professional.

Please feel free to contact me anytime about availability, pricing and options available. I'd love to chat!

Sincerely;  Jenna

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